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East Hills Line


Track: 34.10 km
Stations: 13 / 13 in use

For most of its lifetime, this line terminate in the south-western Sydney suburb of East Hills, on the Georges River. In the eighties, this line was extended to join the Main South line at Glenfield.

Apart from the normal suburban passenger traffic, this line is also used as an alternative route for other trains out of the metropolitan area.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Wolli Creek Station In Use 21-May-2000 - 7.300 4
icon Turrella Station In Use 21-Sep-1931 - 8.630
icon Bardwell Park Station In Use 21-Sep-1931 - 10.100
icon Bexley North Station In Use 21-Sep-1931 - 11.370
icon Kingsgrove Station In Use 21-Sep-1931 - 12.620
icon Beverly Hills Station In Use 21-Sep-1931 - 14.650 6
icon Narwee Station In Use 21-Dec-1931 - 15.780 4
icon Riverwood Station In Use 21-Dec-1931 - 17.500
icon Padstow Station In Use 21-Dec-1931 - 19.340 2
icon Revesby Station In Use 21-Dec-1931 - 20.960 1
icon Panania Station In Use 21-Dec-1931 - 22.550
icon East Hills Station In Use 21-Dec-1931 - 24.030 3
icon Holsworthy Station In Use unknown - 26.760
icon Glenfield Junction Junction In Use 21-Dec-1987 - 41.400


Track: 34.10 km
Stations: 13 / 13 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Wolli Creek - Kingsgrove 21-Sep-1931     general
Kingsgrove - East Hills 21-Dec-1931     general
East Hills - Glenfield Junction 21-Dec-1987     general