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Richmond Line


Track: 36.99 km
Stations: 11 / 20 in use

For most of its lifetime, this line extended from Blacktown to the north west of Sydney, ending at Richmond. From 1926 to 1952, it was extended to the township of Kurrajong, in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. However, this section was not profitable, and after the line was damaged in floods it was quickly removed.

This line sees relatively small levels of traffic, and is single track for much of its length. It was the last line to be electrified in the metropolitan area.

A local group, TRAK (Tourist Railway Association Kurrajong), are planning to rebuild this line with the goal of operating steam locomotives on it.


Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Blacktown Station In Use 4-Jul-1860 - 34.870 3
icon Marayong Station In Use 2-Oct-1922 - 37.410 2
icon Quakers Hill Station In Use 1872 - 40.090 3
icon Schofields Station In Use 1870 - 43.750 3
icon Riverstone Station In Use 1-Dec-1864 - 45.960 14
icon Vineyard Station In Use 14-Jul-1935 - 49.230 3
icon Mulgrave Station In Use 1-Dec-1864 - 52.590 5
icon Mulgrave Tank Platform Closed 1887 1891
icon Windsor Station In Use 1-Dec-1864 - 54.980 4
icon Clarendon Station In Use 1870 - 57.210 9
icon East Richmond Station In Use 2-Jul-1939 - 60.000 5
icon Richmond Station In Use 1-Dec-1864 - 60.680 15
icon Nepean Sand and Gravel Siding Unknown unknown
icon Phillip Platform Closed 1928 26-Jul-1952 63.710 1
icon North Richmond Station Closed 8-Dec-1926 26-Jul-1952 63.990 2
icon Red Cutting Halt Closed Sep-1928 26-Jul-1952 66.810
icon Kemsleys Platform Closed Sep-1928 26-Jul-1952 67.620 3
icon Thompsons Ridge Platform Closed Nov-1928 26-Jul-1952 68.820
icon Nurri Halt Closed Sep-1928 26-Jul-1952 69.430
icon Duffys Halt Closed Sep-1928 26-Jul-1952 70.430 3
icon Kurrajong Station Closed 8-Dec-1926 26-Jul-1952 71.860 2


Track: 36.99 km
Stations: 11 / 20 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Blacktown - Richmond 1-Dec-1864     general
Richmond - Nepean Sand and Gravel 18-Apr-1925   26-Jul-1952  12 general
Nepean Sand and Gravel - Kurrajong 8-Nov-1926   26-Jul-1952  12 general
1 Date of closure by Act of Parliament
2 Track has been lifted