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Stockinbingal - Parkes Line


Track: unknown
Stations: 0 / 17 in use

The Stockinbingal-Parkes line provides a major cross-country link between the Main South and Main Western lines. It is used particularly for east-west freight trains in order to avoid the difficulties of crossing the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Stockinbingal Station Closed 1-Sep-1893 unknown 454.050 29
icon Milvale Station Closed 14-Aug-1916 4-May-1975 476.200 7
icon Tubbul Road Station Closed 14-Aug-1916 14-Jul-1975 483.200 2
icon Weedallion Station Closed 14-Aug-1916 4-May-1975 490.200 7
icon Bribbaree Station Closed 14-Aug-1916 unknown 500.600 9
icon Eurabba Station Closed 14-Aug-1916 4-May-1975 509.400 2
icon Quandialla Station Closed 14-Aug-1916 unknown 515.006 19
icon Berendebba Station Closed 14-Aug-1916 4-May-1975 523.860 2
icon Caragabal Station Closed 14-Aug-1916 unknown 535.520 8
icon Pullabooka Siding Closed 8-Apr-1918 23-Nov-1974 545.889 3
icon Wirrinya Station Closed 8-Apr-1918 26-Apr-1976 553.694 9
icon Back Creek Station Closed 8-Apr-1918 23-Nov-1974 566.370 2
icon Garema Station Closed 8-Apr-1918 26-Apr-1976 573.900 5
icon Grawlin Plains Station Closed 8-Apr-1918 1974 587.037 1
icon Red Bend Station Closed 8-Apr-1918 28-Nov-1974 592.213 3
icon Forbes Station Re-used 18-Dec-1893 unknown 597.300 4
icon Daroobalgie Station Closed 18-Dec-1893 25-Mar-1975 604.700 2
icon Gidgeera Loop Closed 17-Mar-1927 11-Feb-1986 614.213
icon Tichborne Station Closed 18-Dec-1893 23-Nov-1974 617.582 3
icon Jct (Parkes) Junction In Use unknown -


Track: unknown
Stations: 0 / 17 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Stockinbingal - Caragabal 4-Aug-1916     general
Caragabal - Forbes 8-Apr-1918     general
Forbes - Jct (Parkes) 18-Dec-1893     general