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Tottenham Branch


Track: > 119.49 km
Stations: 0 / 12 in use

The Tottenham branch lies in the west of the state. It branches off the Main Western line at Bogan Gate and heads north west to the outpost of Tottenham, quite close to the geographic centre of NSW. Currently the only traffic on this line is grain trains.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Bogan Gate Station Re-used 15-Dec-1896 unknown 483.080 9
icon Botfield Platform Closed 6-Aug-1907 23-Nov-1974 497.807 4
icon Trundle Station Closed 6-Aug-1907 unknown 508.460 9
icon The Troffs Station Closed 15-Dec-1908 23-Nov-1974 519.795 1
icon Kadungle Station Closed 15-Dec-1908 23-Nov-1974 527.780 3
icon Gobondery Station Closed 15-Dec-1908 23-Nov-1974 536.170 3
icon Tullamore Station Closed 15-Dec-1908 unknown 543.310 19
icon Yethera Station Closed 17-Oct-1916 23-Nov-1974 554.601 3
icon Middlefield Station Closed 17-Oct-1916 25-Jan-1974 566.310
icon icon Albert Station Closed 1-Oct-1916 unknown 576.820 9
icon icon Iron Duke Mine Mine Closed unknown unknown 581.360
icon Minemoorong Station Closed 17-Oct-1916 23-Nov-1974 586.462
icon icon Caroline Junction Junction Closed 18-Sep-1918 18-Jun-1926 1
icon icon Caroline Mine Mine Closed unknown unknown 591.640
icon Tottenham Station Closed 17-Oct-1916 unknown 597.440 8
icon Mount Royal Smelters Other Closed unknown unknown 598.030


Track: > 119.49 km
Stations: 0 / 12 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Bogan Gate - Trundle 6-Aug-1907     general
Trundle - Tullamore 15-Dec-1908     general
Tullamore - Tottenham 17-Oct-1916     general
Tottenham - Mount Royal Smelters 18-Sep-1918   22-Jan-1941  1 general

Iron Duke Mine branch

Albert - Iron Duke Mine 31-Oct-1918   18-Jun-1926  1 general

Caroline Mine branch

Caroline Junction - Caroline Mine 18-Sep-1918   18-Jun-1926  1 general
1 Track lifted 1941