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Blayney - Demondrille Line


Track: 101.23 km
Stations: 1 / 27 in use

This line extend from Blayney on the Main Western Line south-west to Demondrille on the Main South Line. It was constructed quite early in the state's history, to serve the fertile area between Blayney and Young, and also to provide a cross-country route which would allow trains to bypass the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney.

The line was constructed north from Demondrille and then south from Blayney, with the final section being the railway bridge over the Lachlan River, just to the south of Cowra.

In the 80s services were suspended between Cowra and Blayney, however the section was re-opened by the Lachlan Valley Railway. The LVR run tourist trains, mainly from Cowra to Blayney and Canowindra, and have now moved into general freight haulage.

This section was again closed in the 1990's when a bridge near Holmwood burnt down. In December 1999 the bridge was repaired and the line re-opened officially by the SRA in April 2000.

South of Cowra, the line is mainly utilised by the LVR which operates to Demondrille and further hauling grain and running tours. FreightCorp also run grain trains from Cowra silo and as far as Greenethorpe, on the truncated Grenfell Branch.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Blayney Station In Use 1-Nov-1876 - 290.369 18
icon Stanfield Station Closed 15-Feb-1907 5-May-1968 301.900 2
icon Carcoar Station Closed 13-Feb-1888 unknown 309.840 12
icon Carcoar Tunnel Tunnel In Use 13-Feb-1888 - 310.620 2
icon Coombing Siding Siding Closed unknown unknown 311.730 3
icon Mandurama Station Closed 13-Feb-1889 unknown 317.560 4
icon Lyndhurst Station Closed 13-Feb-1888 unknown 321.100 5
icon Garland Platform Closed 13-Feb-1888 22-Jan-1975 325.840 2
icon Lucan Station Closed 1907 8-Dec-1973 329.540 1
icon School Platform Platform Closed 14-Sep-1932 unknown 331.524
icon Swan Ponds Station Closed 1908 29-Jun-1974 334.090 4
icon Nargong Station Closed 5-Dec-1892 29-Jun-1974 335.320
icon Waugoola Station Closed 13-Feb-1888 16-Dec-1974 339.260 2
icon Woodstock Station Re-used 13-Feb-1888 unknown 346.360 3
icon Westville Station Closed 1-Feb-1898 11-Mar-1972 353.740 3
icon Holmwood Station Closed 13-Feb-1888 26-Jul-1972 359.260 3
icon Cowra Station Re-used 1-Nov-1886 365.540 28
icon Cowra Stockyards Siding Closed unknown unknown 2
icon Noonbinna Station Closed 5-Feb-1909 26-Sep-1970 374.920 2
icon Wattamondara Station Closed 16-Apr-1891 6-Apr-1975 381.700 5
icon Koorawatha Station Closed 1-Nov-1886 unknown 396.600 8
icon Koorawatha Junction Junction In Use 7-May-1901 - 393.371 3
icon Crowther Station Closed 1888 6-Apr-1975 401.590 2
icon Bendick Murrell Station Closed 1888 unknown 409.940 4
icon Monteagle Station Closed 1-Nov-1886 6-Apr-1975 420.720 3
icon Young Racecourse Unknown Closed 1-Nov-1886 1928 429.191
icon Maimuru Station Closed 15-Jan-1921 unknown 432.920 4
icon Burrangong Station Closed 1-Feb-1889 27-Feb-1971 436.130 1
icon Young Tank Tank Closed 26-Mar-1885 unknown 436.152
icon Young Station Closed 26-Mar-1885 unknown 440.060 14
icon Prunevale Halt Closed Feb-1928 6-Apr-1975 452.430 1
icon Kingsvale Station Closed 26-Mar-1885 6-Apr-1975 456.970 4
icon Demondrille Station Closed 23-Mar-1885 9-Oct-1974 391.600 17


Track: 101.23 km
Stations: 1 / 27 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Blayney - Cowra 13-Feb-1888     general
Cowra - Young 1-Nov-1886     general
Young - Demondrille 26-Mar-1885     general