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Bombala Line


Track: > 304.12 km
Stations: 6 / 23 in use

This line extends from near Goulburn in the south-east of NSW south almost to the Victorian border, finishing at the town of Bombala. On the way, it travels within a few km of the national capital, Canberra.

Construction of the line commenced over a hundred years ago, and it survived intact until 12 years ago. At that time it was progressively closed down to a point where the Canberra line branches off. Since then, it has been re-opened from Queanbeyan to Michelago by the Michelago Tourist Railway, a division of the Australian Railway Historic Society, ACT division. Diesel railcars, known as "Tin Hares" operate on this section many times a year.

From Cooma onwards the territory becomes very hilly, and the line winds its way through the hills to the terminus at Bombala.

Re-opening of the line has been proposed a few times, but a number of bridges and railway crossings would need to be re-instated first.

The Cooma-Monaro Railway operates restored railmotors between Cooma and Chakola.


Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Joppa Junction Junction In Use 3-Jan-1884 - 230.490 5
icon Tirranna Unknown Closed 1906 Jan-1941 234.354
icon Komungla Station Closed 3-Jan-1884 6-Jul-1971 239.820 2
icon Springfield Loop Closed 17-Feb-1953 unknown 245.948
icon Inveralochy Station Closed 1890 6-Apr-1974 250.450 6
icon Lake Bathurst Halt Closed 3-Jan-1884 9-Mar-1975 256.090 7
icon icon Jct (Lake Bathurst) Junction Closed 1884 circa 1921 1
icon icon Lake Bathurst Ballast Siding Platform Closed 1884 circa 1921 2
icon Tarago Station In Use 3-Jan-1884 - 262.510 17
icon Crisps Creek Other In Use unknown - 4
icon Mount Fairy Unknown Closed 1886 9-May-1975 275.962 3
icon Butmaroo Unknown Closed 24-Feb-1902 6-Jul-1971 285.490
icon Bungendore Station In Use 4-Mar-1885 - 293.500 25
icon Bungendore Junction Junction Closed 17-Jun-1940 23-Aug-1969 298.760 2
icon Brooks Bank Tunnel Tunnel In Use 8-Sep-1887 - 302.640 1
icon Farrer Loop Closed 10-Feb-1953 unknown 305.830
icon Burbong Unknown Closed 8-Sep-1887 20-Jan-1975 312.260 4
icon Pine Range No 1 Tunnel Tunnel In Use 8-Sep-1887 - 314.120 1
icon Pine Range No 2 Tunnel Tunnel In Use 8-Sep-1887 - 316.010
icon Queanbeyan Station In Use 8-Sep-1887 - 321.460 27
icon Harman Unknown Unknown unknown 325.300 1
icon Letchworth Unknown Closed 22-Oct-1926 1-May-1956 326.469
icon Hume Other Closed unknown unknown 5
icon Tuggeranong Unknown Closed 8-Dec-1887 9-Mar-1975 335.629 1
icon Royalla Station Closed 8-Dec-1887 9-Mar-1975 346.886 5
icon Williamsdale Platform Closed 29-Aug-1891 9-Mar-1975 353.595 4
icon Michelago Station Re-used 8-Dec-1887 unknown 370.140 11
icon Colinton Unknown Closed 31-May-1889 3-Sep-1975 388.578 2
icon Colinton Tunnel Tunnel Closed 31-May-1889 3-Mar-1990 2
icon Bredbo Station Closed 13-Jun-1891 unknown 399.793 3
icon Billilingra Unknown Closed 18-Oct-1894 May-1941 404.045
icon Chakola Station In Use 31-May-1889 - 417.156 6
icon Bunyan Station In Use 31-May-1889 - 425.948 1
icon icon Snowy Junction Junction Closed unknown unknown 5
icon icon Snowy Mountains Sidings Siding Closed unknown unknown
icon Cooma Station In Use 21-May-1889 - 434.670 27
icon Rock Flat Station Closed 20-Apr-1912 8-May-1974 450.800 2
icon Coonerang Station Closed 20-Apr-1912 1-Apr-1975 460.997 1
icon Bobingah Platform Closed 27-Aug-1920 9-Mar-1975 467.065 5
icon Nimmitabel Station Closed 20-Apr-1912 26-Mar-1986 473.460 8
icon Maclaughlin Station Closed 2-May-1939 6-Jul-1971 484.958 9
icon Holts Flat Station Closed 21-Nov-1921 9-Mar-1975 493.560 10
icon Jincumbilly Station Closed 21-Nov-1921 9-Mar-1975 510.030 1
icon Bukalong Station Closed 21-Nov-1921 9-Jul-1962 519.520 7
icon Bombala Station Closed 21-Nov-1921 26-Mar-1986 534.610 22


Track: > 304.12 km
Stations: 6 / 23 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Joppa Junction - Tarago 3-Jan-1884     general
Tarago - Bungendore 4-Mar-1885     general
Bungendore - Queanbeyan 8-Sep-1887     general
Queanbeyan - Tuggeranong 7-Dec-1887     general
Tuggeranong - Michelago 7-Dec-1887   3-Mar-1990   general
Tuggeranong - Michelago 26-Apr-1993  1   tourism
Michelago - Bredbo 31-May-1889   3-Mar-1990   general
Bredbo - Cooma 31-May-1889   17-May-1989   general
Bredbo - Cooma 5-Dec-1998  2   tourism
Cooma - Nimmitabel 2-Apr-1912   26-Mar-1986   general
Nimmitabel - Bombala 21-Nov-1921   26-Mar-1986   general

Lake Bathurst Ballast Siding

Jct (Lake Bathurst) - Lake Bathurst Ballast Siding 1884   circa 1921  3 general

Snowy Mountains Sidings

Snowy Junction - Snowy Mountains Sidings unknown   unknown   general
1 Re-opened by ARHS(ACT) as tourst railway
2 Re-opened by Cooma-Monaro Railway as tourist railway
3 Track lifted before 11-May-1934