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Camden Branch


Track: 12.59 km
Stations: 1 / 9 in use

The Camden line extended from Campbelltown in the far south-west of Sydney to the nearby town of Camden. The line was built to move agricultural products from farms in the Camden area to town, however for much of its lifetime its most important traffic was coal from nearby fields. When an alternate loader was constructed at Glenlee, the line was closed.

A notable feature of the line was the very steep Kenny Hill (1 in 19 grade). Long trains often failed to make it to the top the first time, and had to either back up and try again, or divide the train.

Each Good Friday special trains would run to Maryfields, where people would attend the "Via Crucis" ceremony at the nearby Franciscan Brothers Monastery.

Apart from some of the formation near Maryfields and Kirkham, most evidence of this line has been buried underneath widened roads.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Campbelltown Station In Use 17-May-1858 - 54.710 1
icon Maryfields Platform Closed Mar-1937 1-Jan-1963 57.602
icon Kenny Hill Platform Closed 10-Mar-1882 1-Jan-1963 58.942 1
icon Currans Hill Platform Closed 10-Mar-1882 1-Jan-1963 61.326
icon Narellan Station Closed 10-Mar-1882 1-Jan-1963 63.101 2
icon Grahams Hill Station Closed 10-Mar-1882 1-Jan-1963 63.705
icon Kirkham Station Closed 10-Mar-1882 1-Jan-1963 65.140
icon Elderslie Station Closed 1-Oct-1893 1-Jan-1963 66.427
icon Camden Station Closed 10-Mar-1882 1-Jan-1963 67.299 1


Track: 12.59 km
Stations: 1 / 9 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Campbelltown - Camden 10-Mar-1882   1-Jan-1963  12 general
1 Also the date of the last train
2 Track has been lifted