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Molong - Dubbo Line


Track: 128.88 km
Stations: 0 / 10 in use

The Molong-Dubbo line lies in the central west, and closely parallels a section of the Main Western Line. The line was closed in 1987, with 2km sections at each end retained for use as sidings.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Molong Station Re-used 21-Dec-1885 unknown 360.030 18
icon Larras Lee Station Closed 19-Jan-1925 23-Nov-1974 370.810 1
icon Apex Loop Loop Closed unknown unknown 380.820 2
icon Cumnock Station Closed 19-Jan-1925 unknown 389.070 10
icon Yullundry Station Closed 19-Jan-1925 23-Nov-1974 401.440
icon Loombah Loop Loop Closed 19-Jan-1925 23-Oct-1971 402.450
icon Yeoval Station Closed 19-Jan-1925 unknown 415.100 7
icon Walmer Station Closed 31-May-1925 23-Nov-1974 427.780 1
icon Ganoo Loop Loop Closed 31-May-1925 10-Oct-1930 428.660
icon Arthurville Station Closed 31-May-1925 23-Nov-1974 439.690 4
icon Little River Tank Tank Closed 31-May-1925 23-Oct-1971 444.150
icon Nubingerie Station Closed 31-May-1925 23-Nov-1974 449.120 3
icon River Loop Loop Closed 31-May-1925 9-Oct-1930 451.850
icon Toongi Station Closed 31-May-1925 23-Nov-1974 462.190 6
icon Glengeera Unknown Closed 31-May-1925 23-Nov-1974 468.610
icon Sappa Loop Loop Closed unknown unknown 476.370
icon Cumboogle Station Closed 31-May-1925 23-Nov-1974 479.610 1
icon Dubbo East Junction Junction In Use 31-May-1925 25-Jan-1988 488.910 3


Track: 128.88 km
Stations: 0 / 10 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Molong - Yeoval 19-Jan-1925   20-Jul-1992  1 general
Yeoval - Dubbo East Junction 31-May-1925   25-Jan-1988  2 general
1 Last train ran 22-Oct-1991
2 Last train ran 9-Jul-1987