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North Coast Line


Track: > 683.00 km
Stations: 25 / 85 in use

The North Coast Line is the major trunk line from NSW to Brisbane, in Queensland. originally the only rail link to Queensland was via the Main North Line, which involved a change-of-gauge at Wallangarra, on the border. However in 1930 a standard gauge line was completed through the MacPherson Ranges and on into Queensland.

The line starts at Maitland and visits the major towns of Taree, Kempsey, Coffs Harbour, Grafton and Casino. Just before it crosses the border is the Cougal Spiral, one of only 2 in NSW (the other being Bethungra spiral on the Main South).

Today the line sees much traffic in the form of passenger and freight trains. The line has been heavily rationalised with most of the smaller stations removed. Even at locations where passenger trains still stop, many of the stations have been replaced by 3m elevated platforms necessitating multiple stops to allow passengers to get on and off.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Maitland Junctions Junction In Use 26-Jul-1893 - 193.000 1
icon Telarah Station In Use 14-Aug-1911 - 194.740 5
icon Oakhampton Station Closed 14-Aug-1911 20-Oct-1975 198.960 1
icon Mindaribba Platform In Use 14-Aug-1911 - 203.500 4
icon Airdrie Station Closed Aug-1948 20-Oct-1975 205.772
icon Paterson Station In Use 14-Aug-1911 - 213.200 5
icon Martins Creek Station In Use 14-Aug-1911 - 218.500 3
icon Barokee Station Closed 24-Jul-1924 20-Sep-1939 219.977
icon Kilbride Loop In Use 25-May-1942 - 223.487
icon Hilldale Station In Use 14-Aug-1911 - 226.400 9
icon Wallarobba Tunnel Tunnel In Use 14-Aug-1911 - 228.280 1
icon Wallarobba Platform In Use 14-Aug-1911 - 231.700 5
icon Wiragulla Station In Use 14-Aug-1911 20-Oct-1975 238.000 2
icon Dungog Station In Use 14-Aug-1911 - 245.200 6
icon Dingadee Station Closed 5-Feb-1913 29-Jun-1975 219.789
icon Monkerai Loop In Use 9-Sep-1930 - 254.010 1
icon Monkerai Tunnel Tunnel In Use 4-Feb-1913 - 254.690 1
icon Nooroo Station Closed 5-Feb-1913 29-Jun-1975 262.852
icon Stroud Road Station Closed 5-Feb-1913 unknown 266.500 13
icon Dewrang Unknown Closed 25-Oct-1926 Dec-1964 273.104
icon Weismantels Platform Closed 15-Mar-1934 29-Jun-1975 278.109
icon Wards River Station Closed 5-Feb-1913 unknown 282.783
icon Craven Station In Use 5-Feb-1913 - 290.500 2
icon Stratford Station Closed 5-Feb-1913 9-Sep-1978 294.521
icon Berrico Platform Closed 15-Feb-1934 29-Jun-1975 301.860 1
icon Gloucester Station In Use 5-Feb-1913 unknown 309.300 11
icon Tugrabakh Unknown Closed 29-Apr-1922 10-Jul-1965 315.326
icon Yumbunga Loop Closed unknown unknown 316.438 1
icon Pitlochry Unknown Closed 29-Apr-1929 18-Jul-1964 318.871
icon Bulliac Tunnel Tunnel In Use 4-Feb-1913 - 321.460
icon Bulliac Station Closed 17-Oct-1924 unknown 324.120 2
icon Wirradgurie Unknown Closed Jan-1924 26-Jun-1975 328.140
icon Doon Ayre Unknown Closed 3-Mar-1941 29-Jun-1975 330.380 1
icon Bundook Station Closed 5-Feb-1913 30-Apr-1978 334.410
icon Somerset Station Closed 5-Feb-1913 29-Jun-1975 339.320
icon Mount George Station Closed 5-Feb-1913 unknown 342.100 3
icon Charity Creek Station Closed 5-Feb-1913 29-Jun-1975 348.295
icon Kimbriki Loop Closed 30-Jan-1934 unknown 353.170
icon Karaak Flat Station Closed 5-Feb-1913 29-Jun-1975 354.778
icon Killawarra Station Closed 5-Feb-1913 29-Jun-1975 360.300
icon Dingo Creek Tank Tank Closed before 4-Feb-1913 1931 364.098
icon Wingham Station In Use 5-Feb-1913 - 367.100 4
icon Kolodong Station Closed 5-Feb-1913 12-Aug-1967 374.578
icon Taree Station In Use 5-Feb-1913 - 378.600 19
icon Manning River Siding Siding Closed unknown unknown 379.813 11
icon Kundle Kundle Unknown Closed 6-Oct-1924 27-Jul-1971 387.377
icon Melinga Station Closed 12-Apr-1915 30-Jun-1975 392.300 3
icon Lansdowne Unknown Closed 12-Apr-1915 28-Jun-1975 396.220
icon Langley Vale Siding Closed 1916 26-Jul-1971 399.720
icon Coopernook Station Closed 12-Apr-1915 unknown 403.600 5
icon Moorland Platform Closed 12-Apr-1915 22-Jul-1971 409.860
icon Johns River Platform Closed 12-Apr-1915 30-Jun-1974 417.800 5
icon Rossglen Unknown Closed 12-Apr-1915 21-May-1973 428.306
icon Batar Station Closed 1-Dec-1941 2-Nov-1971 430.137
icon Kendall Station In Use 12-Apr-1915 - 433.000 3
icon Herons Creek Station Closed 12-Apr-1915 30-Jun-1974 439.097
icon Kerewong Loop In Use 2-Apr-1943 - 446.030 4
icon Wauchope Tunnel Tunnel In Use 12-Apr-1915 - 447.750
icon Wauchope Station In Use 12-Apr-1915 - 455.000 6
icon Pembrooke Unknown Closed 3-Dec-1917 30-Jun-1975 463.170
icon Telegraph Point Station Closed 3-Dec-1917 25-Feb-1983 472.500 12
icon Mingaletta Unknown Closed 6-Sep-1926 20-Nov-1966 482.600
icon Kundabung Station Closed 3-Dec-1917 30-Jun-1974 487.200 1
icon Kempsey Station In Use 3-Dec-1917 - 503.650 8
icon Colombatti Station Closed 1-Jul-1919 30-Jun-1974 515.541
icon Tamban Loop In Use 1-Mar-1934 - 520.600
icon Eungai Station In Use 1-Jul-1919 - 534.600 6
icon Warrell Creek Station Closed 1-Jul-1919 30-Jun-1974 544.460
icon Macksville Station In Use 1-Jul-1919 - 552.400 6
icon Wirrimba Unknown Closed Feb-1941 23-Apr-1948 556.794
icon Newee Creek Platform Closed 3-Dec-1923 30-Jun-1974 560.369
icon Nambucca Station In Use 3-Dec-1923 - 565.100 4
icon Peterkins School Platform Platform Closed 10-Oct-1945 unknown 569.059
icon Valla Unknown Closed Dec-1939 30-Jun-1974 570.913
icon Dalhousie Creek Unknown Closed 19-Oct-1943 5-Feb-1963 574.816
icon Urunga Station In Use 19-Mar-1923 - 580.900 2
icon Raleigh Station Closed 30-Aug-1915 unknown 586.500 3
icon Repton Unknown Closed 11-Sep-1916 30-Jun-1974 588.280
icon Repton Tunnel Tunnel In Use 30-Sep-1915 - 588.580
icon Archville Station Closed 6-Apr-1936 30-Jun-1974 594.541 1
icon Bonville Station In Use 30-Aug-1915 30-Jun-1974 596.490 1
icon Sawtell Station In Use 13-Jul-1925 - 600.700 2
icon Boambee Station Closed 13-Aug-1917 Jun-1946 606.790 2
icon Coffs Harbour Station In Use 30-Aug-1915 - 607.810 5
icon Park Beach Siding Closed 18-Jul-1925 30-Jun-1974 609.126
icon North Coffs Harbour Unknown Closed 28-Nov-1924 1-Jan-1958 610.524
icon Red Hill No 1 Tunnel Tunnel In Use 17-Jul-1922 - 615.400
icon Red Hill No 2 Tunnel Tunnel In Use 17-Jul-1922 - 616.950 1
icon Red Hill No 3 Tunnel Tunnel In Use 17-Jul-1922 - 617.570
icon Red Hill No 4 Tunnel Tunnel In Use 17-Jul-1922 - 618.090
icon Red Hill No 5 Tunnel Tunnel In Use 17-Jul-1922 - 618.600
icon Landrigans Siding Closed 16-Dec-1943 unknown 619.709 1
icon Karangi Station Unknown unknown 622.708 1
icon Coramba Station Closed 17-Jul-1922 unknown 627.960 1
icon Nana Glen Station Closed 17-Jul-1922 30-Jun-1974 639.500 1
icon Glenreagh Station Closed 12-Oct-1915 unknown 651.900 25
icon Kungala Station Closed 12-Oct-1915 30-Jun-1974 664.459 1
icon Lanitza Station Closed 12-Oct-1915 6-Jul-1974 672.620 1
icon Braunstone Station Unknown 12-Dec-1915 683.260 3
icon Grafton City Station In Use 12-Oct-1915 - 695.700 17
icon Grafton Station Closed 6-Nov-1905 unknown 698.800 3
icon Koolkhan Station Closed 6-Nov-1905 unknown 706.500
icon Kyarran Loop In Use Jan-1926 30-Jun-1975 713.600 1
icon Warragai Creek Station Closed 6-Nov-1905 unknown 717.410
icon Dilkoon Unknown Closed 30-Mar-1907 13-Jan-1973 724.179
icon Gurranang Station Closed 6-Nov-1905 30-Jun-1972 727.700
icon Lawrance Road Station Closed 6-Nov-1905 13-Jun-1970 739.480
icon Banyabba Station Closed 6-Nov-1905 30-Jun-1974 742.860
icon Whiporie Unknown Closed Nov-1906 30-Jun-1974 750.851 1
icon Camira Creek Station Closed 6-Nov-1905 30-Jun-1974 756.504 1
icon Ampdale Unknown Closed Feb-1935 28-Jun-1975 761.899
icon Mount Neville Loop Closed 23-Mar-1943 23-Feb-1953 768.481
icon Clearfield Unknown Closed 6-Nov-1905 6-Nov-1974 769.724
icon Myrtle Creek Station Closed 6-Nov-1905 Apr-1941 773.416
icon Rappville Station Closed 6-Nov-1905 unknown 776.200 3
icon Coombell Station Closed 6-Nov-1905 30-Jun-1974 785.174
icon Amarina Unknown Closed May-1908 28-Apr-1975 788.955
icon Leeville Station Closed 6-Nov-1905 30-Jun-1974 793.700 1
icon Boomooderie Unknown Closed Dec-1905 5-Jan-1927 795.116
icon Shannon Brook Unknown Closed 5-Jan-1927 unknown 796.373
icon South Casino Station Closed 6-Nov-1905 6-Apr-1974 803.608
icon Casino Station In Use 22-Sep-1930 - 805.070 10
icon Jct (Casino) Junction In Use 27-Sep-1930 - 806.300 1
icon icon Jct (Old Casino) Junction Closed 25-Jun-1910 9-Apr-1986
icon icon Casino North Junction Junction In Use 27-Sep-1930 9-Apr-1986
icon Nammoona Station Closed 25-Jun-1910 17-May-1969 809.300 2
icon Fairy Hill Station Closed 26-Jun-1910 30-Jun-1974 816.200
icon Backmede Station Closed 27-Aug-1934 5-Apr-1965 817.909
icon Baraimol Station Closed 25-Jun-1910 17-May-1969 821.947
icon Cedar Point Unknown Closed 25-Jun-1910 17-May-1969 826.215
icon Yongurra Unknown Closed 31-May-1926 4-May-1964 832.328
icon Kyogle Station In Use 25-Jun-1910 - 833.798 4
icon Kyogle Loop Loop In Use unknown - 837.110 5
icon Kilgra Station Closed 28-Sep-1930 28-Apr-1968 842.122
icon Hermits Peak Unknown Closed 2-Aug-1941 Apr-1957 843.980
icon Wiangaree Station Closed 28-Sep-1930 28-Jun-1975 846.804
icon The Cape Unknown Closed 6-Mar-1936 27-Jun-1968 851.174
icon The Risk Station Closed 28-Sep-1930 30-Jun-1974 852.957
icon Mount Lion Station Closed 28-Sep-1930 30-Jun-1975 859.245
icon Loadstone Loop In Use 28-Sep-1930 28-Jun-1975 863.440 2
icon Treberth Unknown Closed Apr-1942 19-Feb-1972 867.406
icon Cougal Unknown Closed 28-Sep-1930 19-Feb-1972 870.124
icon Cougal Spiral No 1 Tunnel Tunnel In Use 27-Sep-1930 - 871.950 5
icon Cougal Spiral No 2 Tunnel Tunnel In Use 27-Sep-1930 - 872.660 1
icon Border Loop Loop Closed 29-Aug-1930 unknown 875.100 2
icon Border Tunnel Tunnel In Use 27-Sep-1930 - 875.480 3
icon Queensland Border Border - - - 876.000


Track: > 683.00 km
Stations: 25 / 85 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Maitland Junctions - Dungog 14-Aug-1911     general
Dungog - Taree 4-Feb-1913     general
Taree - Wauchope 12-Apr-1915     general
Wauchope - Kempsey 27-Nov-1917     general
Kempsey - Macksville 1-Jul-1919     general
Macksville - Urunga 3-Dec-1923     general
Urunga - Raleigh 19-Mar-1923     general
Raleigh - Coffs Harbour 30-Sep-1915     general
Coffs Harbour - Glenreagh 17-Jul-1922     general
Glenreagh - Grafton City 12-Oct-1915     general
Grafton City - Grafton 8-May-1932     general
Grafton - Casino 6-Nov-1905     general
Casino - Jct (Casino) 6-Nov-1905     general
Jct (Casino) - Casino North Junction 27-Sep-1930     general
Casino North Junction - Kyogle 25-Jun-1910     general
Kyogle - Queensland Border 27-Sep-1930     general

Casino triangle

Jct (Old Casino) - Casino North Junction 25-Jun-1910   9-Apr-1986  1 general
1 Date section was decomissioned