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Pokataroo Branch


Track: 67.83 km
Stations: 0 / 5 in use

The Pokataroo branch lies in the far north off the state. It branches off the Walgett line at Burren and heads almost to the remote town of Collarenebri. The final 16km has been closed since 1974 when it was damaged by floods.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Burren Station Unknown 9-Dec-1903 647.966 8
icon Kigwegil Unknown Closed Sep-1939 20-Feb-1975 658.892
icon Old Burren Station Closed 3-Dec-1906 20-Feb-1975 667.556
icon Windella Unknown Closed Mar-1951 20-Feb-1975 673.898
icon Rowena Station Closed 3-Dec-1906 8-Jan-1974 683.311 4
icon Merrywinebone Station Closed 3-Dec-1906 8-Jan-1974 700.428 7
icon Pokataroo Station Closed 3-Dec-1906 5-May-1975 715.800 10


Track: 67.83 km
Stations: 0 / 5 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Burren - Merrywinebone 3-Dec-1906     general
Merrywinebone - Pokataroo 3-Dec-1906   8-Jan-1974  1 general
1 Date of closure due to flood damage