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Stanford Merthyr Branch


Track: 2.23 km
Stations: 0 / 4 in use

The Stanford Merthyr branch was built by the East Greta Coal Mining Company to services its newly acquired mines near Stanford Merthyr. In 1901 it extended its line from the then terminus at East Greta to Stanford Methyr. A few months later this was extended to the Stanford Greta No 2 Tunnel Colliery. Shortly after this mine was sold to J and A Brown, whereupon it was renamed Pelaw Main. The new owners were building their own railway (the Richmond Vale Railway), and once it was extended to Pelaw Main, the link via Stanford Merthyr was abandoned.

Passenger services on the line were provided by the owners from 14 June 1902 to 1929.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Aberdare Junction Station Closed 30-Jul-1903 23-Nov-1952 199.070 8
icon Glen Ayr Colliery Colliery Closed unknown unknown 3
icon Ayrfield No 1 Colliery Colliery Closed unknown unknown 1
icon Ayrfield No 2 Colliery Colliery Closed unknown unknown
icon Heddon Greta Platform Closed unknown unknown
icon Kurri Road Platform Closed 8-Jun-1908 unknown 4
icon Stanford Merthyr Platform Closed 14-Jun-1902 unknown 2
icon Pelaw Main Colliery Closed unknown unknown 201.300 3


Track: 2.23 km
Stations: 0 / 4 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Aberdare Junction - Stanford Merthyr 17-Jan-1902   27-Jul-1934  123 general
Stanford Merthyr - Pelaw Main Jan-1902   1905  453 general
1 Last train ran 24-Jul-1934
2 Line closed by large subsidence
3 Track has been lifted
4 Last train ran 23-Jun-1905
5 Section fell into disuse with connection of Pelaw Main to the Richmond Vale Railway