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Tumut Branch


Track: 103.78 km
Stations: 0 / 16 in use

The Tumut branch in the state's south runs from Cootamundra to the mountain town of Tumut. From Cootamundra to Gundagai, it follows the Muttama Creek valley down to the Murrumbidgee. Part of the line between Coolac and Gundagai has been obscured by the Hume Highway. From Gundagai, the line crosses the river and heads up the Adelong and Califat creeks to Gilmore and then to the terminus at Tumut.

The line was abandoned when sections near Cootamundra were damaged by floods in 1984.

In 1988 the Mountain High Railway began using the section near Tumut for tourist purposes, but the group folded less than two years later.

There has been some talk of the line being re-opened, however significant sections have been destroyed by the Hume Highway upgrading, and the link bridge over the Murrumbidgee at Gundagai is probably no longer usable.

Name Facility Status Opened Closed km Photos
icon Jct (Tumut Branch) Junction Closed 1-Jun-1886 19-Jan-1984 430.320 2
icon Three Mile Tank Tank Closed 1-Jun-1886 unknown 434.522 3
icon Brawlin Platform Closed 1-Jun-1886 4-May-1975 440.850 5
icon Muttama Station Closed 1-Jun-1886 4-May-1975 450.880 4
icon Bongalong Platform Closed 1887 4-May-1975 450.000 5
icon Wambidgee Station Closed 10-Oct-1892 4-May-1975 458.595 2
icon Coolac Station Closed 1-Jun-1886 unknown 466.850 10
icon Pettitts Platform Closed 8-Apr-1946 4-May-1975 469.975 2
icon Mingay Unknown Closed 4-Dec-1890 6-Jul-1971 472.218 4
icon Balls Platform Platform Closed 1-Mar-1893 Apr-1946 475.963
icon Gundagai Station Closed 1-Jun-1886 unknown 483.880 30
icon South Gundagai Station Closed 12-Jan-1903 20-Jan-1975 485.648 4
icon Willie Ploma Station Closed 12-Oct-1903 5-May-1975 492.522 2
icon Tumblong Station Closed 12-Oct-1903 4-May-1975 498.550 1
icon Luadra Unknown Closed Nov-1954 4-May-1975 502.870 3
icon Mount Horeb Station Closed 12-Oct-1903 unknown 507.390 12
icon Watertank Tank Closed 2-Dec-1903 unknown 510.379 1
icon Califat Platform Closed 2-Dec-1903 4-May-1975 513.453 2
icon Reka Unknown Closed 3-Nov-1906 6-Jul-1971 519.474 3
icon Gadara Station Closed 2-Dec-1903 4-May-1975 522.793 3
icon Jct (Gilmore) Junction Closed 17-Dec-1923 13-Jan-1984 528.866 1
icon Gilmore Station Closed 2-Dec-1903 4-May-1975 529.010 14
icon Tumut Station Closed 2-Dec-1903 unknown 534.100 26


Track: 103.78 km
Stations: 0 / 16 in use
Section Opened Closed Usage
Jct (Tumut Branch) - Gundagai 1-Jun-1886   19-Jan-1984  12 general
Gundagai - Mount Horeb 12-Oct-1903   19-Jan-1984  12 general
Mount Horeb - Gilmore 2-Dec-1903   19-Jan-1984  12 general
Gilmore - Tumut 2-Dec-1903   19-Jan-1984  1 general
Gilmore - Tumut Dec-1988  3 May-1990   tourism
1 Last train ran 13-Jan-1984
2 Date line damaged by floodwaters
3 Re-opened by Mountain High Railway for tourist trains