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Goondah (1st) Station

Main facility: Station (Closed)
Lines: Main South Line
Goondah - Burrinjuck Line
Location: (148.7345°, -34.7347°) [exact] GDA94
Distance: unknown km from Sydney
1-Aug-1891 Opened
7-May-1916 Closed
Description: The original station opened on 1876. This was replaced on 7/5/1916 by a new station about 100m to the south-west with the duplication and deviation of the Main South. Goondah was also the start of the Goondah-Burrinjuck 610mm (2ft) railway. A transhipment yard served to move goods from one line to the other. The station was closed on 9/3/1975. The down platform was 100m in length while the up was 90m.
Current status: Little remains of either version of the station, or the yard.