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NSW Railway Safeworking Photos

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Adamstown 1984 The Adamstown to Dudley Junction Staff instrument.
Adamstown 1984 Tyers Block safeworking used for the "Mineral Line" (upper) and Broadmeadow Relief Line (lower).
Bellata 2001 The staff and ticket box for the Bellata - Edgeroi section. The staff is present!
Bellata 2001 The staff and ticket box for the Bellata - Gurley section.
Berry 2008 The staff instrutments for the sections to Nowra and Kiama.
Berry 2008 A ground frame in the yard, used for shunting movements.
Binnaway 2001 The staff holder and ticket box for the Binnaway - Coonabarabran section (the staff is in use).
Binnaway 2001 The staff holder and ticket box for the Binnaway - Premer section (the staff is present).
Binnaway 2001 The staff holder and ticket box for the Binnaway - Merrygoen section (the staff is in use).
Bombo 1986 An integral part of single line rail operation was the exchanging of the staff at a safeworking point. A classic pose is shown here at Bombo in 1986 as the up South Coast Daylight slowly trundles through.
Boorowa 1980 The Boorowa to Galong Staff and Ticket box.
Bowning 1980 The block instruments at Bowning flank the track indictor board; the closest one is for Yass Jct.
Bowral 1980 Interior of Bowral Signal Box showing the block instruments. 1980.
Broadmeadow 1986 Broadmeadow South Box had a Tyers Block Instrument, which was for the Adamstown Relief Line. Note the standard bell instruments.
Bundanoon 2004 The safeworking instruments in the signal box.
Bundanoon 2004 The station diagram and safeworking instrument behind the lever frame.
Bungendore 2007 The electric staff changer contains the staffs for the Queanbeyan to Bungendore and the Bungendore to Tarago sections of the line.
Bungendore 1986 The Bungendore - Tarago Staff & Ticket box. Note the signal box plate dated 1917.
Burren 2007 The three staff boxes inside the staff hut.
Caledonia 1986 The Tyers block instrument in the signal box.
Camurra 2007 A shot of all three Train staff boxes, with two of the staffs in place. The loose key box is in the bottom left of the photo.
Caragabal 1996 One of the staff instruments in the safeworking hut, at Caragabal.
Clandulla 2005 The Ordinary Train Staff for Clandulla - Baal Bone Junction section at Clandulla.
Clandulla 2005 The Miniature Electric Staff Instrument at Clandulla, for the section to Kandos.
Coopernook 1981 A familiar site on the north main line was the use of automatic staff exchangers which were used so as to not slow down the trains. This is ready for a northbound train in 1981.
Crookwell 1980 The Crookwell-Goulburn staff & ticket box 1980.
Culcairn 1980 The staff and ticket boxes for both Holdbrook and Corowa in Culcairn Signal box.
Culcairn 1980 42220 sits in the loop on the down as 42217 thunders by and is about to exchange the staff on the automatic staff exchanger through the next section to Gerogery.
Curlewis 2005 The Miniature Electric Staff Instruments in Curlewis staff room, covering the sections to Breeza and Gunnedah.
Edgeroi 2001 Edgeroi is a staff exchange station, as evidenced by the staff receptacles for the sections to Bellata and Narrabri. Both staffs are absent.
Edgeroi 2001 A track maintence worker consults a log book in the safeworking room at the station.
Emerald Hill 2005 These controls are next to each Home and Home-Starting signal to control entry to and exit from the loop.
Emerald Hill 2007 The staff instruments inside the signal box.
Excelsior 1981 Excelsior had a staff & ticket location as shown in this 1981 picture.
Galong 1980 The Galong staff and ticket box for the Boorowa branch.
Gap 2009 The staff for the section to Spring Ridge.
Gloucester 1982 44220 leading a 44 class goes through the routine staff exchange.
Gulgong 2008 The staff box for the section Gulgong-Dunedoo.
Gulgong 2008 The interior of the staff hut with one of the staff machines, not long before the introduction of CTC.
Harden 1980 Harden North and South had Tyers Block instruments to the last. These old but true tested instruments chimed their message of safe travel for many decades. This is the one in Harden North Box and shows the "Train on line" position.
Harden 1980 The South Box at Harden's Tyers two wire block instrument set at "line blocked".
Harden 1980 This is the array of of instruments on the shelf at Harden South Signal Box. There is the Tyers two wire block and also the standard NSWGR block instruments which never really did oust the ancient Tyers. Also the stiker bell and repeater can be seen.
Henty 1980 The Henty - Rand staff and ticket box.
Henty 1980 A scene long gone, the staffs are in motion as 8017 rumbles through Henty on a north bound freight and using the automatic staff exchanger. 8017 has just collected the staff for Yerong Creek as the one from Culcairn is still swinging on the rams horn collector.
Islington Junction 2005 Various items of safeworking equipment in the box.
Johns River 1981 The staff instrument at Johns River.
Kapooka 1980 This shot taken in 1980 at Kapooka shows a working of bygone days on the south with 42203 which has just changed staffs on the Automatic Staff Exchanger.
Kapooka 1980 Kapooka Signal Box sat off the main road and was rather an isolated box but was an important crossing point. This 1980 photo shows an automatic staff exchanger ready for an up train to Wagga. The staff was placed in the top ring for collection by the locomotive while the bottom "rams horn" took the staff from the Uranquinty section, all at speed.
Kyogle Loop 2007 The staff machine for the section for Kyogle to Loadstone.
Kyogle Loop 2007 One of the staff machines has been placed out of working.
Kyogle Loop 2007 The train register book in the safeworking hut.
Kyogle Loop 2007 The staff hut at Kyogle Loop.
Kywong 1980 The staff and ticket box at the station. One staff covered the whole branch.
Marulan 1980 One of the two sets of block instruments in Marulan Signal Box 1980.
Medway Junction 1980 The block instruments in Medway Junction Box, for Tallong & Marulan.
Medway Junction 1980 Medway Junction's red staff & ticket box for the branch to the Quarry.
Mudgee 1981 The Mudgee - Gulgong Staff & ticket box.
Mudgee 1981 An electric staff instrument inside the signal box.
Oolong 1980 The Pilotman's lock in Oolong Signal Box. This was often used when a pilot was needed for wrong line running or emergency work.
Pangela 1976 The staff is about to be exchanged with an up train at Pangela Signal Box in January 1976.
Queanbeyan 1986 Staff instruments for the the sections that start or end at the location.
Rand 1980 The Staff and Ticket box at Rand still existed 5 years after closure in this 1980 photo.
Rankins Springs 2008 A sempahore signal on a lattice post is still present in the yard.
Stockinbingal 2003 Another view of the level frame and the two staff instruments.
Stockinbingal 2003 A close-up of the staff instrument for the Stockinbingal - Parkes section.
Stockinbingal 2003 A close-up of the staff instrument for the Stockinbingal - Cootamundra West section.
Tallong 1980 Interior of Tallong Signal Box showing the blocks instruments.
Telegraph Point 1982 A close-up view of the automatic staff exchanger which was ready for a north bound freight.
Temora 2004 A close-up of the safeworking instruments behind the lever frame.
Ulan Loop 2008 The staff machines in the Ulan staff hut.
Urana 1980 Urana was a staff exchange station in 1980. Boree Creek has lost its staff station status at this time, as evidenced by the new label.
Uranquinty 1980 Uranquinty was the junction for the Kywong branch which was closed 5 years earlier, but the staff and ticket box still remained in the Signal Box.
Wagga Wagga 1980 The staff instruments to Kapooka (left) & Bomen on the right. 1980.
Walcha Road 2005 Walcha Road - Uralla section Train Staff.
Wellington 1982 A goods service has stopped for the exchange of safeworking tokens.
Werris Creek 2005 The electric staff machine inside the signal box.
Werris Creek 2005 The staff for the short section south to Werris Creek South Box.
Wingello 1980 A 1980 picture showing the interior of Wingello Signal Box showing the block instruments.
Wingen 1979 The automatic staff exchanger has been set up ready for the approaching south-bound train.
Yass Junction 1980 Yass Junction block instruments for the up and down lines to Bowning.
Yass Junction 1980 The Staff and Ticket box for the Yass Town branch at Yass Junction.